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Orifice Plates

Thermo-Temp, Inc., as a Distributor for RJ Machine Co., offers a complete line of orifice and paddle plates from 2″ through 24″ in carbon or 316 stainless steel. With a variety of thicknesses available, most plates ship within three business days. Contact us today for your specific needs.
Also available are the Daniel™ Orifice Plates and Plate Seals which offer exceptional performance and durability. These differential pressure measurement solutions are compatible with Daniel fittings, including Senior, Junior, Simplex and Orifice Flange Unions. A variety of plate materials and seal options, including nitrile (NBR) and PTFE are available to ensure optimal performance in extreme conditions, while offering assurance that there will be no gas leakage or spillage of liquids. All Daniel plates are manufactured to meet or exceed AGA 3/API 14.3 standards. Whether it be old-style or new-style, Thermo-Temp, Inc. is your source for these OEM branded products.