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Message from the President

Thank you for choosing Thermo-Temp inc.

I’m not blind to the fact that we have competitors. you taking the time to explore our website and sharing your business with us is a great privilege. I understand that our greatest competition is the man in the mirror and we strive every day to better accomplish the tasks that you have entrusted to us. I ask myself daily, “Am I the Best I can be?” “is Thermo-Temp the best company it can be?” The answer is NO. I’m not ashamed of this answer because it builds in myself and our team the desire and motivation to continuously improve our products, services and ourselves.

I wanted our website to state something BOLD. we spoke for a long time about what this should be. when we settled on Diversified Capabilities, Innovative Culture, and Knowledgeable staff i realized that these where already built into our business DNA. We are solution providers and creative thinkers; we want to help you with your projects and challenges with the most reasonable budget possible

Thank you again for choosing Thermo-Temp inc. .you are our greatest asset and we learn a great deal from you!