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Thermo-Temp, Inc. was founded in 1976 by Mr. Osterhaus as a temperature calibrations company.  Mr. Osterhaus began the company in his home garage and later expanded the business to its current location.
Still family owned, Chuck Osterhaus, President, has made it his priority to uphold his fathers desire to meet and exceed every customers need.
Thermo-Temp, Inc. currently offers calibrations, maintenance and sales for Temperature and Humidity, Pressure, Welding, Hardness Testing, Scales, Dimensional, Heat Treating, Torque and Electrical Equipment.




Thank you for allowing my staff to work with you! Having you visit our website and share your budget with us is an honor. Especially since we have numerous competitors; with our greatest competitor being in our mirror. By that, I mean that if we don’t accomplish what is on your needs and requests list you will make a choice to work with another company.
I ask myself daily, “Am I the best I can be? Is this company the best it can be?” The answer to both questions is, “No”. I’m not ashamed of this answer, because it builds the desire and motivation for us to increase our talent, as well as increase our product offerings for you. I will never know all there is to know in all areas of calibration, maintenance and products, which is why I have talented associates and vendors to work with.
I wanted to state something bold on our website. So, we chose the titles of Diversified Capabilities, Innovative Culture and Knowledgeable Staff, because it is truly what we have in our business DNA. We are solution providers. We assist you with looking at your processes, challenges and needs so that we can provide the most creative solutions within the most reasonable budget we can.
Thank you again for choosing to allow us to work with you! You are our most valuable asset and we learn a great deal from you!
Chuck Osterhaus